500 Point Sephora VIB Swag

Hello girls, it has been a while since I posted. Started my classes recently, + I've been working on some future projects that I am very excited about. Can't help to confess that I am a marketing freak, I love promotions, giveaways & loyalty programs. One that I've been cherishing for a while is Sephora's Beauty Insider Program. What is it? Is a special program designed to track all your Sephora purchases by giving you an insider point for each dollar you spend instore and online. The perk is you can redeem your points for cool beauty products, starting from 100 points up. I usually am not excited for the 100 point sample products they give out. But what I am really excited is their 500 point goodies! You can accumulate these overtime, so you don't have to rush and buy a bunch of stuff quick to take advantage of this program. Plus, when you reach the 500 point mark you become a VIB member (Very Important Beauty Insider). This is when things get interesting. They have amazing perks for VIBs, including a VIB Hotline, exclusive promotions, discounts & FREE STUFF!!! Plus you get the inside scoop on latest product launches first. Above picture is a Too Faced Catwalk Collection, which includes a Glamour to Go Palette, a mini lash injection mascara, mini shadow insurance + a cute leopard case! The Go to palette alone retails for $19.50!!! And you can get it for free just for shopping your favorite beauty brands. How cool is that??? For more info on this program enter here. 

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