Faith 21 changes name to Forever 21 +

A few weeks ago Forever 21 started announcing an upcoming change in name for its plus sizes line Faith 21 and the official change is finally here. The are promoting the change as the line only changing its name not its style or clothing and from what I have seen at the store and online they seem to be keeping their word. What are your thoughts on this name change? Comment away!
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  1. I like that Forever 21 wants to do plus sizes, but I wouldnt consider them "plus" size. Theyre 3x is more like an 1x, maybe even smaller. I have a few other friends who are plus size, and none of us can even fit into anything they have. I much rather just go to Torrid. There is a wider selection and wider selection of sizes there. I understand they're a little pricey, but the clothes fit.

  2. I understand, their size range could be better, plus size is a whole different category and ranges from 14 to a 26, like Old Navy or other stores. I am currently a size 14-16, and I range from a XL-2X depending on the fit of the clothes. Yesterday I went to Torrid and a GORGEOUS girl was trying on a bustier with some nice black pants, and she was glowing, and the look on her face was one of a confident young women! If your company wants to take on a "plus" name, maybe they should cater a wider range of sizes.

    Thanks for commenting girl, that's why we are here for!!!




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