Hey girls! It's been way too long since my last  post, I've been all work and no play. Just a few months left to finally finish my MBA. Have so much to with BVStyle, both Youtube & Blog posts. Hopefully going to have a few product reviews up soon, I literally have bags of unused makeup (bought by me off course) from all price ranges that I haven't used till I get the chance to take proper pictures and review. Here is a picture of me in my birthday. That hand peaking out in the corner is from my fiance's grandmother.
     In other news, I wanted to share with you girls that my fiance, after 3 years of hard work finally finished Law School! I am so proud of him. His work will help many artists, writers, and people help keep their copyrighted work protected. Hopefully we will be moving to the states for him to do a Master's in Intellectual Property. So I'm excited to see where I'm going!
     Summer is almost here, I feel it with this intense heat. Its rainy and humid; a perfect weather for a dangerously bad hair day. And speaking of hair, gotta show you my new tresses, I went from blonde, to brunette, to brunette with highlights. My hair feels and looks so much healthier. Had to cut it because after all those years of   bleaching without the proper hair treatments let my hair all dull and faded, so I'll show you the new me in a beat. Also have been getting a little tan, overexposing yourself to the sun is bad, but not having it will leave you without vitamin D and other nutrients. See that little tiffany box in the table? It's actually a part of my original cake, and it was Amazing!
     Hope everyone enjoys this Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.




  1. Good luck on finishing your MBA! Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Thanks sweetie, same to you! Hope you enjoy your weekend as well. Been revamping the blog's look, would love to know your opinion =D


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