Isn't she lovely?

Here is Adele making the March cover for US Vogue. I can't help but notice that Adele looks thinner, but we actually haven't seen her in a while. What do you think? Did you think they went overboard with Photoshop or did she loose a few pounds? I think she looks really pretty!


  1. OMG! that's totally Photoshop! She lost some weight but not that much!

  2. Didn't want to comment till I watched the Grammys, and I agree, she has definitely lost weight. But that picture is totally Photoshopped. And don't get me wrong, I do appreciate a little touch up here and there, but not create a whole different person. People appreciate her just the way she is.

  3. I think Adele has lost some weight but Vogue most definitely photoshopped that picture. I love Adele as she is, though, and I don't think the photoshopping to make her even slimmer was necessary at all.


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