My Fashion Week Outfit

Marque and Joanne Vega
New York Fashion Week is over, but with it many great memories have been recorded for fashion history, and so does my affordable outfit. Didn't realize until after I was wearing a rather Adelesque outfit, don't you think?
If you like to look, here's the breakdown:


  1. Black is classic! It always looks good in a casual and or formal event. You look lovely!

  2. Thanks ladies! Actually I was required to use black as I was part of the fashion show staff. But when it comes to fashion situations, when in doubt, wear black! They always tell you not to do it, but really, is their other color that can be timeless, elegant and wear a million times? That's why the LBD is such a staple in any girls closet! Much love <3

  3. I love the black dress! I wish we had an H&M in Houston!

  4. Me encanta el outfit. El traje te quedó bello.


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