My New Tarina Tarantino Bracelet from Sephora!

Not till recently, I've never taken advantage of store promotions. I got an email from the Beauty Insider program from Sephora, to let me know that I would be receiving a FREE bracelet from the new Tarina Tarantino collection. Didn't even imagine to use the coupon, but, I managed to "quick print" it and throw the coupon in my handbag. Went a few days ago to see what's in store, I always like to see Sephora's new products from time to time (too frequently I guess). It was totally random, tried Dior's Extase mascara which I loved (it took my lashes to new heights) and finished off buying two 75% Kevyn Aucoin Blushes (one for me, one for my mom). To my surprise, as I was to take my wallet from my nude coach embossed handbag, I saw the promo!!! They did not have all the variety as in the email (they had a pink, a purple, black, and red), but they had purple and red. So I chose the red one, it reminded me of the Alice in Wonderland's Red Queen! And that's the pic! If I were to buy it, I wouldn't, similar bracelets cost $30 at Sephora, but free, ha, well  you know it's always good! =)


  1. Oh Love The Bracelet! Soo Cute :) X

  2. It looks so cute paired with a black simple bead bracelet! =)


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