Spring-Summer Shoe Lovin'

Hey dolls! It's spring and many people are storing their lovely boots and heading to buy fun and sexy wedges, flats, & sandals. I live in a place were is always summer, but, like a true fashionista, I try to keep on with the trends even though I can wear these babies all year round. So sooo excited, the first ones have a sixties mod vibe, plastic bubble gum color and smell!!! How cool is that!? They are the EtrĂ© collection from Novus Shoes, one of my favorite stores. I bought them in black too, when I like something I always buy more than one! Novus is always ahead of the pack on the most eye catching styles, many of which are designer inspired, they carry wedges, flats and sandals all year round. These EtrĂ© shoes are so conformable and cute! They are wonderful pair with leggings, skynnies, and dresses.  

Can you tell I love pink? =) These flats are from Poetic License, and I have to say they make any outfit special! So detailed and fun! The flowers and leaves are suede, the rest is a metallic snakish purple. I bought them at Novus too so check out their store so you can see what they have in store for you! =)

These items are payed by me and are my sole and honest opinions, no brand nor store has payed me to for any advertisement nor endorsement.

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