Happy B-day 2 meeeee!!!!!!!

Hi my beautiful bloggaristas! I know its been a while since I wrote to you and many things have happened.  I recently became 26 years old, yay Happy Birthday to meee!!! We went to one of my favorite places, Latin Roots in Old San Juan and had a wonderful time with my friends and family, nothing brings us latinos together like some Salsa music! I wish you would have been there with me, we had a blast. I'm more like a beginner, only a few steps here and there, but you could actually see the pros there shaking that booty like in dancing with the stars.

Here's a pic with my grandma! She was so cute and stayed till real late to go and celebrate my birthday! My presents were so nice, my mom gave me an H&M haul, we don't have H&M in Puerto Rico so I was really excited! And got a few beauty gifts too...


I got my sustainable Urban Decay eyeshadow box, a Bare Minerals Foiled eyeshadow tutorial, Parissiene from YSL, a Mac Foundation, Metro Chic Nailpolish from Sephora by OPI, and that cutie little makeup bag on sale for $10 at Sephora. The other things were a Mac gift card (still haven't used it) and my Beauty Insider gift from Sephora (so cute). I'll show you my other gifts such as shoes and clothes later on. I wish you the best on this year, and a wonderful B-day, when ever it may be!

Luv u dolls!


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