Went Shopping Today =)

Hey Blogarristas! I went today to the mall, to my dismay that I had to wait for like an hour just to get to the multilevel parking. If you reside in Puerto Rico you know, if you do not, Puerto Rico's main sport is shopping. No store in Puerto Rico feels the downsides of economic turmoil because we rather be bankrupted and full of debt, in style. Well, going down to business, I went venturing on the other side of the mall, usually I stay near where Macys is, to Forever 21, one of the biggest stores they have on the nation, it's as big as a department store, is ridiculous.

 Anywhooo, I always wonder for like 3 hours there, and even though I'm plus and the store is mainly skinnier girl clothes, luckily a few pieces from the regular side still fit me =). To my surprise, they just expanded the plus section, called Faith 21. I went with my reserves because I didn't like the selection they had offered so far. I was surprised by the variety of clothes they got, and how cheap it is! Is perfect for season items you do not want to spend a whole lot for. I do need to say that it runs a little big, unless you want it not too fitted. These two dresses are 1X, but I felt they runned slim (fitted). I tried two more dresses that  were 1X and felt huge and they didn't have XL available at the time, which was a bummer. 

The first one cost me $22.80 + tax, & the jean strapless dress cost $24.80 + tax which was a steal! I always spend more than $50 for dresses that I only used a few times, so this is a great alternative for me. Although I will use these more than a couple of times, they are light weight and fun! If you notice they still have their tags on, I couldn't resist not showing them to you. Don't know if they still have them at your local Faith 21, but you can check at their website: www.forever21.com

Until Next Time!




  1. OMG, I LOVE both dresses!!! I need those!!!! I have that Eiffel Tower necklace too! I am LOVING your blog! I just started following.

    I know that mall in PR. Parking is crazyyyyyyyyyyyy!



  2. Wow you look great!! Beautiful dresses, and you have lovely skin! xxx

  3. I would fit right in. I love to shop. :) Great dresses.

  4. Thanks Girls!

    @Irresistible♥Icing Ohhh, dresses are my new favorite obsession! I love to feel feminine + jeans make me sweat like crazy this time of year! =)
    @ Aww, thanks sweety! I have horrible skin though, the camera and Iphoto just treat me nicely =)
    @Ansa I wish I was on another place less crowded so I can go peacefully & do my shopping =)


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