Me a model?

Ok girls, here it is. I am in the borderline of exhaustion because I haven't been able to sleep getting everything done for Beauty Vlogadiaries, because it takes a lot of time & energy to maintain. I am a one woman show ladies, it's hard work, but I do enjoy ever minute of it! A few months ago I was an ordinary girl from the small island of Puerto Rico with big dreams, many of which I never thought would come so soon. I am a work in progress, and even though you see a "beautiful" exterior, I work on my confidence everyday, and expose myself to many different things, things which sometimes are out of my comfort zone. It never occurred to me that I would ever be a model. Never thought I was the model type, so, as odd as it may seem to most of you, my sassy fashionistas, Joanne (me! =) ) didn't thought she had what it took to become a model. Recently, I've been working with a few new found philosophies of life that I've come to cherish, like the Laws of Attraction, and the "Yes Man" concept (oh yeah, I took that movie to the heart). I did however, incorporate those things with my never changing why not attitude, and, as I was passing by this new plus store, Torrid -which opened in Puerto Rico only a few month's ago- I went ahead and took one of my most important decisions in my life.  I took the model search application and said: Why not? I got nothing to lose. 

And that's the attitude I want you guys to enter today, because, no matter what others think of you, that may seem to undermine you, you can do amazing things, and you could be surprised by the outcome of your actions. 

Tip #1: "Thoughts follow action."

(A Picture of me and the girls before the show)
So, I had only two days to put everything together, didn't have anyone to help me because my mom lives in the States and most of my friends moved there too. I had bought two dresses for my birthday, but I only used one because I didn't had all the party that I wanted (I wanted to be a hard party girl for the weekend, but I preferred to be a snugly bear at my home instead) I picked that dress, that black bubble

(Me at the Auditions, my first walk ever on a runway)
dress with a highwaist belt, because it was the only one that I had at the moment and paired it with a double strand faux pearl necklace and gave it a go. 

I didn't know what Torrid was, so I entered the website to know about the brand, the look that they were going for, and if it went with my current style (I'm glad that went smoothly =) ) And I remember that the thing that made me say, yes, this is the perfect dress, was that actually they had a similar denim dress which I fell in love with that matched my style perfectly. So that's how I knew it was the perfect outfit.

Tip #3: Be true to yourself

Try your best to speak from within and not to portray someone you're not. As you write your application, reflect on who you really are, Torrid likes girls with passion, with great dreams, girls that have a marked definition of who they are. So give them a great "map" of who you really are, if they pick you, you won't regret the "style" they chose for you. I remember going crazy when I saw my wardrobe, I almost cried, they picked me the clothes as if they went shopping with me, EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. And I think it was so because I made myself clear and defined well who I was, what my style is, and my personality.

When it came time to the picture, I was totally clueless. With all my madness, I actually didn't have time to take one so I went to Sears, right in the mall, to take a 8x10 picture of myself. I was so nervous, this isn't a photoshoot, so you only are permitted 3 shots to choose from. Being a nervous wreck, I chose the best which I thought I looked and hurried back to the auditions. The picture came up amazing, but taking it an hour before the auditions start is a mess, but thankfully I did it like a champ.

Tip #4: Take the 8x10 Headshot with time!

I remembered I did # 59, and Torrid's District Manager from Puerto Rico, who I didn't know at the time,  saw me so nervous, that he gave me a few words of encouragement just before my walk, I will never forget that act of random kindness of his part ever! So I did the walk, try to be as natural as possible, and have a big smile! Torrid loves girls with a great attitude and charisma, so being sassy, feeling sexy and own the runway are great pointers!

Tip #5: Your Smile is your best asset!

  And above all, have fun! That actually sums-up my audition process, the rest is waiting for that call! =) I remember when a person from the Torrid Audition Team, called me to tell me the great news! I didn't wait so long, they called me at 7:30pm that very same day, YAYYYY!!!

And so it was!!!

Here's a recap of the Torrid's House of Dreams Puerto Rico event. I hope my post inspired you to take action, and make things happen! =)

Love you all!


  1. Me encanta sabes que que soy tu fan y cuando necesites ayuda no dudes en avisarme. Basos Dary-Lee =)

  2. Your reflections on life and your inner and outer beauty make you not only a model, but a role-model! I'm so proud of all of your accomplishments and I know that you're going far my friend! Keep up the good work and remember that I'm not only here as your friend but as your cheerleader, cheering you on!!! Love you! :)

  3. LOVELY!

    Jo eres una belleza en todo el sentido de la palabra! estos tiempos están malos "mija" so please keep doing what you do because, though i'm sure it makes you proud.... it brings happiness and strengh to all of us big, small, skinny, curvy, black, white y todo el in-between!! HUGS!!!

    Yes, mi gente. Este mensaje es en Spanglish. I'm Puerto Rican like that.


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