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Hello everyone!
As this is my first post here on BV I wanted to say a quick hello! I’m really excited to be a part of this, and be able to share looks, tips, and tricks with everybody. Now, as my first official post on Beauty Vlogadiaries, I wanted to show you girls these cute little palettes from Too Faced: The Naked Eye Palette, and the Natural Eye Palette. 

Each palette has a total of 9 eyeshadows each, a little drawer with a double-ended applicator underneath, and three look cards  with instructions on how to create a Day, Classic, and Fashion look.
I’ll start with the Natural Eye Palette: *Note: these color descriptions are not official, they are my own interpretation)

This palette contains 9 shades: 3 mattes, 3 shimmery, and 3 that have even more shimmer (one of them is actually pretty glittery)
For the Day look: Heaven (Matte light cream color), Velvet Revolver (Matte cool light brown) and Sexpresso ( Matte dark brown)
Classic Look: Silk Teddy (rosy nude with warm iridescence), Push-Up ( shimmery reddish-brown), Erotica (dark brown with multicolor shimmer)
Fashion Look: Nude Beach (glittery warm nude. Reminds me of Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again) , Honey Pot ( Light shimmery warm gold), and Cocoa Puff ( this is a warmer brown with a darker, more intense base and shimmers on it as well)
Favorite Shades from this Palette: I really loved Silk Teddy, Nude Beach, and Cocoa Puff.
“Meh” shades: The matte shades were beautiful, but they were a lot harder to work with than the shimmery shades. However, these are good for a daytime look, a softer look, or adding depth to the shimmery shades ( I personally love a shimmery lid blended with a matte crease color).
Who would love this palette: Those who are only starting out in makeup, this palette has shades that no matter your style, you will probably wear again and again.  Girls on the go, girls who love their neutrals and want them all in one place ( this is good for daytime looks, nighttime looks, brown/gold smokey eyes, etc). I particularly would love to see this palette worn with a tan. It would look amazing!

The Naked Eye palette, on the other hand, contains some taupe shades, grays, some brown, and pinks and blacks. I would say this one is a one-stop for smokey eyes.
Day : In The Buff (matte white. However, not stark bright white) Pillow Talk (sheer soft taupe with a bit of shimmer), Like A Virgin ( matte cool brown)
Classic: Birthday Suit ( pearly taupe), Satin Sheets (pinky nude with a gold flash of iridescence), Unmentionables ( Medium pearly-shimmery gray)
Fashion: Pink Cheeks (the palest pink with a slight pearly finish), Lap Dance ( I would describe this color as a pearly brown with a strong purple undertone), Stiletto ( gorgeous matte black with the tiniest silver sparkles)
Favorite Shades: Pink Cheeks, Satin Sheets, Stiletto
“Meh”shades: I’d say just In The Buff but because it’s just nothing special. I do think the mattes in this palette have a better consistency than those in the Natural Eye Palette. I find them softer and easy to blend. It might be just me, though :P
Who would love this palette?- Those of you who love dark and dramatic but don’t always want it to be so dark, this is a good compromise. You can wear softer shades for day, darken it up for night. I stand firmly in that you can totally do an amazing smokey eye with this palette, that’s what I think of when I see it: Belle Du Jour grays, pinks, smokey sexiness.
My favorite palette?
It’s a tie! I think I’d definitely get a lot of use out of both of them. The Natural Eye is great to have in your purse at all times, the shades can be used as liner, eyeshadows, some of them look pretty over clear gloss and even as a cheek highlighter! (Silk Teddy is a great example of the three). And the Naked eye is that sexy look for going out at night or if you want a little more drama in your life. The instruction cards are easy to follow, but you don’t have to commit entirely to them, because there’s many many possible combinations you can make with all 9 shadows. All in all, a great value.
So tell me, has anyone tried these? Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Thanks, great post! I can't decide which of the two I should get! I already have the Naked 2 Palette so don't really need more neutral shadows but am really keen to give these a go!

    - Ela


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