The New & Stylish items from Faith 21

In the last few days a number of great items have arrived at Forever 21. They are cute and are a good introduction for the up and coming fall colors and trends.
The following tops are still fresh for the on going hot weather but still are guiding us towards the direction of fall:

There are also a few items to prepare us for those cold and rainy days ahead:

You know what else is great? The fact that you can pair these tops with their cute skinny jeans or jeggins!

(Jeggins $19.80, Fab Skinny Jeans $11.50)

Can't post without having some dresses involved! Here are two that are simple but so Fashionably Awesome!

To top all this, they are incredibly reasonably priced! Everything is under $25! Isn't this Fashionably Awesome?! I think so...

To get them visit your local Forever 21 store or their website


  1. I love your new blog,MissTat! I like these clothes too. Us curvy gals still need options,and it's great when another women's clothing store is willing to give them to us!

  2. hi!!! thanks for stopping by here! It's going to be 3 girls for now, all writing for the good of the curvy girls everywhere :)

    i looove the purple one


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