BV Saves... in highlighter!

Are you the kind of girl that wants all the newest makeup & beauty collections but don't have the budget to own them? Here's BV Saves, one stop to gorgeous great CHEAP quality products, or great quality products on huge amazing discounts.

This time we are bringing you one of the most hyped highlighters from NARS called Albatross & it's 88% off counterpart, ELF's blusher in Gotta Glow. They may not seem as much in pictures, as they appear white, but these too give you a gorgeous sheer golden radiance, for the perfect glow. 

These go great for all skin tones, some one thought they would be great for all budgets too!!! ELF's Gotta Glow is "yellower," I might as well think of it as having a little more gold, and the flakes appear more visible than Albatross. Similar to the other blushers from ELF, it feels more "chalky" upon application than the NARS Albatross. But seriously who cares??? It blends great! They look almost identical in pictures, so I won't tell if you don't. =) 

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