Resort Season - Nautical Babe

Hello there fashionistas! It's been a while, I am one busy fashionista, but I am back now and ready to talk a little about a very big essence of what makes up resort: Nautical. Now, a lot of people are afraid of horizontal stripes (specially curvy people) and the main colors (nobody want to look like the poster child of 4th of July), but there is nothing to be afraid of. Anyone can pull of these very cute horizontal stripes and you can play with the colors in your favor! (Hint: this year you can add colors like camel, tan, grey, black and even coral to make it a fun season and an easier transition from season to season.)

Now here are some examples of the staples of the Resort Season and the whole Nautical theme. As you will see they are very fun and are looks and items of clothing you will be able to incorporate into your spring (and even summer!) wardrobes very easily. This is so you can see what is in stores and what you might actually have in your closets from previous seasons. And on that note I will let you know that in the next couple of days I will show you how I have incorporated items similar to these to my wardrobe and how I am currently styling and using them myself, so be on the look out for that post. In the meantime, take a peek below!



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