For the sake of a kiss

     Many of us suffer from the agony of having dry, chopped lips. Although they are tons of ways to treat and hydrate our lips, here are a few tips to get them kiss approved in no time!  

     Lips are very vulnerable to the sun's damage as much as the rest of your face. It is very important to Tip 1# use balms or lip conditioners with SPF to provide protection to this sensitive area. It is extremely important to keep them moisturized.

What most people don't know is that chopped cracked lips are a sign of dehydration. Tip #2 drink lots of water! Not only will the health of your lips improve, but your skin will thank you.

Tip #3 refrain from licking your lips. Although we may find this sexy, use this tactic only on special occasions! Licking your lips has the same damage as over-washing your hands. In other words, don't lick your lips dry (let that to your lover).

Tip #4 use a toothbrush with sugar and honey to scrub away the dead skin of your lips. They will look and smell ah-mazing!

Tip #5 avoid using products which contain petrolatum, which are products extracted from oil, used to protect car batteries, certainly NOT SEXY!

Hope you enjoy these healthy lip tips and get your kissin' on.

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