Beauty Reinvented: Exude Lipstick

Oh my! Just when we thought things can't get any better: BOOM! Rachael Zoe became the brand Ambassador for Exude, a new lipstick brand just launched with its fantabulous unique packaging.
Key to the brand's design is a revolutionary new crystal applicator which is sophisticated, smart, and chic. The applicator releases the perfect amount of lipstick each user needs. It also retains its shape over time, so women will never have to worry about their lipstick wearing down, melting or crumbling.
Bravo, what a great idea, how many of us have wasted an expensive lipstick in the car? Me, many times, and continue to fail miserably.
Enhanced with a smooth hint of mint scent, and new, complex formula, the lip creme is available in 9 colors: coral, cranberry, rosy brown, nude, brown, bronze, plum, red, and pink. The creme's lush finish comes from the custom formula of vitamin E & C in a creamy Elastic Gel.
These are available through their website:  

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