Joanne in Mac's Lillyland

As I was wondering through the sections of the Mac Store at the Mall, I stumbled upon the Lillyland display and wasn't sure to get it at all. I bought a gazillion lipglosses (lustreglass, ect.) on christmas, similar in colors, but then again, I like trying things for the fun of it, so, with my Mac makeup remover wipe on one hand, and a little curiosity, decided to give them a try. Let me tell you, I am so impressed! While similar in color, the formulas (the glitter, feel, ect.) was completely different from the ones I had. They seem to be so thick, true to color, and so fun! They match my Coach Poppy bag as you can see he he, and the light and brightness they give to your lips, they seem to work as a fruity kiss magnet. For all it's worth, they go perfectly with  flowery spring (with a glittery kick!) The colors displayed from left to right are: Shift to Pink, Lush to Bright & MoonStone. I will put swatches soon, hope you go and give them a try!   =)

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