I treated myself today!

Hey dolls! After being sick the last couple of days, I had to buy something to cheer me up ;). I went to a couple of makeup stores, because I wanted something glittery and girly. As I entered the Mac store, I saw the new Collections, but wasn't as excited when I saw them in person. Maybe I'll go back and check them when I am a little more relaxed, it was 7:00 pm, and my class started at 8:00 pm so I needed to hurry! Went straight to Sephora, and as I surfed the store like a pro, finished ending up at front of the Urban Decay section, and with my an utterly dismay ( I couldn't buy the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows! =''((, I tried, & tried, and never found it when it launched ) I found comfort in this cutesy little shadow box! I swiped that card like their was no tomorrow, and headed to look for my grandma which I left at Macys sightseeing, and rushed to the car. Gladly I went to my class and came back home. Hope you guys are ok and I will post swatches of this little baby soon!

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