My Current Everyday Look

Hey dolls! This is a picture taken in the Titanic Exhibition they had here in PR, and that's my grandma beside me =). I posted this picture because is the most current for one, and has my latest makeup regimen. If you click in the pic you may see it larger.

My Foundation:
I use Revlon's Photo Ready Foundation in Shell & mix it with Mac's Tinted Moisturizer in Medium
Finish it with a Translucent Powder, I used Mac's Blotting Powder in Light Medium.

I do the eyes with the same products and techniques as my 5 minute everyday MU tutorial, but I add a little pencil eyeliner -Urban Decays 24/7 in Zero- around my eyes, and in my waterlines. If you have small eyes, line your lower rims with a white or beige pencil.

I used Mac's Love Thing Mineralize Blush, I make sure I contour my face prior to applying my blush.

Mac's Lady Gaga Lipstick & a pale pink lipliner!

It's so simple and yet receives so much attention. Give it a try! =)


  1. Your makeup looks flawless! and that is such a cute picture of you and your grandma!

  2. Thanks! I am always looking for new and improved ways to make my skin look flawless! Having tons of brushes, my new and old way to apply my skin is with my fingers! Sometimes brushes leave you with streaks, and the revlon photo ready has a nice consistency to apply with fingers, I finish with my brush in circle motions to blend the excess and let dry. The main reason I started doing this is because I have acne scars and huge pores, that brushes leave unattended (hehe). I really love my grandma! She's been in my house for a couple of days so I go and take her to different places so she can have a good time. =)

  3. Aww, that's so nice of you! I hope you two are having a wonderful time!

    I will have to try photo ready with my fingers because I've noticed that using my brush is not working out too well.

    Also, I've given you an award on my blog!

  4. AWW that is just so adorable :) I am close with my grandma myself and i miss her right now :( i haven't seen her in a while
    Your make up looks fantastic by the way :)

    If you have a moment come visit mu blog :P




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