My Mac's Lipstick Collection + Swatches!

Welcome to Joanne's Lipstick Heaven! This is my current Mac Lipstick Collection (My beloved and best Lady Gaga Lipstick isn't there, and maybe other one I got on my handbag, but that's pretty much it!) These are different finishes, from Amplified, Lustre, Satin, Creme Sheen & Matte. I have always been a lipglass and soft pinks kind of girl. I've been afraid of color for some time, and I've been slowly getting comfortable with darker & dramatic shades. Sometimes getting out of our comfort zone helps us discover different parts of ourselves. My Mac's darkest shades are the first two lipsticks (swatches) shown on these pictures. The first one is Show Orchid, a vivid hot pink, an amplified finish lipstick from the new Riveting Collection, is a great color that can be worn by its own, look playful with a cute cat eye, or go all drama with a dark smoky eye! For the next one I have been searching for sometime. It's really hard to find the perfect shade of red. A beautiful red is really on the eye of the beholder, but, from my point of view, THIS IS IT. It's daring, it's sexy, & it's chic. 

The next  color is Creme Cup, it is described as a "light blue pink" but, as you can see, in my skin, it looks more like a warm pink, perfect for everyday wear. Next is Snob, I first heard from this color by Nickel of "What Style is to Nickel" on YT, and, when I went to my Mac Store, literally it was the color that popped out at me when I saw all the colors. Described as a "ladylike mauve," it is a truly blue pale pink, great for faired skin, and its great for other skin tones, but it all depends on your style. It can look very sophisticated, or casual, its all about how you combine your makeup. Next, my go-to color for dark smoky eyes, Myth; its a gorgeous nude color that virtually erases my lips and let's my eyes take center stage. This is as hard to get as a great red lipstick, it all depends on your skin tone. Speed Dial, is another great color that can be used with a purple smoky (this was the one used in my Stacked1! MU Tutorial) or with a simple everyday makeup look. If you can see the pattern, I love soft pastel pinks and I can't get enough of them! My last Swatch is Shy Girl, a creamy neutral coral beige, universally flattering, this color is great for now till autumn. Hope you enjoyed my post! If their is any thing that I can help you with put it on my comment section! I will be happy to assist you (=...




  1. I love Show Orchid! It's one of my favorites! :-)

  2. Show Orchid is so versatile and has a million ways to apply it, you can apply it with your lip brush and leave it more "matte" looking, you could apply it directly to show its different lights and colors shine through, or go high drama and apply a clear lipgloss to make it really shine! =)

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