Makeup Look of the Day!

Hey guys! So, I am starting to branch out looking for new and not so new affordable products because I know that not everybody can afford Mac, Nars or other expensive makeup products. Currently I am experimenting on drugstore foundation, mascara and eyeshadows. Some of the products I am using have truly amazed me on their quality & affordability. 

The first one worth mentioning is Revlon's Colorstay Foundation in Warm Golden for combination/oily skin. It applies so smooth and nice, awesome coverage, it's best if applied with a sponge because it is rather liquid so the use of the brush is rather tricky. Elf cosmetics has these shadow quads that have me ecstatic,  and costs only a $1!!! The one I used today is Butternut and the color payoff with these is ridiculous (especially the darker ones, you have to watch out because a little bit goes a long way!) Not thrilled with the mascara though, I used a pink Rimmel one, not a fan of the brush and it left me some flaking =/. 

On the not so affordable but worth buying products, I used Desert Rose blush, Naked lip liner, and Myth lipstick by Mac cosmetics. Hope you guys like this very nude look, I really enjoyed it and captures the attention in a very subtle & chic way! =)

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