Eyeliner Smudge... Not anymore

We have been there, even the most expensive eyeliners look like a punch in the face after a hard day of work. Not anymore... Benefit's She Lag "is a clear liquid that seals makeup with stay-put power. It makes your look smudge-proof!" and it really does. As the different brushes offered in the kit suggests, it is more that eyeliner, you can use it in your brows, lashes, and even on face paint. This little bottle makes the worst makeup last for hours. Recommended for heavy set lids. This kit sells on Sephora for $30, which looks excessive, but you really apply a small amount of product, so a little goes a long way.

Ilamasqua Sealant ($15) is a similar product, but it also advertised as a mixing medium, that can be used to create color intense pastes with eyeshadows, pigments or similar products. It also dries quickly and lasts for hours. Plus, it is half the price of Benefit's She Lag. 

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