Gaga Giveaway from Beauty Vlogadiaries

Hi girls! This time Beauty Vlogadiaries is giving away this little piece of pop culture, one for each of my web social networks: You Tube, Twitter & this Blog! Only one left!

  • Be a follower: Subscribe Here
  • Enter a comment of why you deserve this great lipstick, you can go crazy with creative answers, love to read them, please no offensive ones!
  • Will announce the drawing when we reach 100 followers! Good Luck...


  1. I'm a subscriber and would love to win because I've got to show what my momma gave me and find me a new man. LOL well not quite yet but sometime in the future...


  2. I am a follower (DG) and I think that I deserve this great lipstick because my spaceship just landed on earth and I forgot my beauty bag on another planet and I look so spacecraft-lagged and want to have some fun color on me and I um am going gaga for this lipstick? No but really I am going gaga for this lipstick. It looks wonderful! I'm always scared to experiment with lipstick but this would be a surefire way to make my lips pop! :)


  3. Google Friend Connect Follower, I want this because I LOVE MAKEUP..MAKEUP...MAKEUP!!! PS. And I would like to become as pretty as you, when I wear this! :) Molly B. Twitter ID - @mollydo2 -

  4. I am a fan of Beauty Vlogadiaries on Facebook. I shared the contest with over 400 friends on FB. I am a subscriber of Beauty Vlogadiaries via email and RSS with I also am following Beauty Vlogadiaries via google. I deserve this crazy lipstick because I am crazy myself and love loud colors! lol. I also love MAC. A huge fan of MAC and I'm fabulous! lol. jk.

  5. Hello!! I follow you via GFC as Victoria (I follow you via twitter too)
    I would like to win this lipstick because I ordered in a MAC's corner but it is always exhausted. I love the bright pink lip and if I win I go crazy! hahah

    Thanks :)


  6. wow this is a great giveaway! I love your blog darling and thank you so much for your substain!!! Now I'm your follower ;D! I hope to see you soon! Xoxo

  7. Hi - following @MissingLynxx

    I'd love to win because I am gaga over Lady Gaga. She is amazing and a great example of creative independence. I would love to wear this lipstick to express my own creative flair! :)

  8. I'd love to win this lipstick because it's such a pretty color, I think I could even blend it with other colors to enhance them. GAGA is a marketing whiz, what a career she created for herself. Am a follower of your blog via google connect.

  9. Hello! I was watching old blog entries and I found this drawing. I've been looking for this lipstick for months !!!!!!!!!! So I would like ... I would love to win! Fingers crossed and if I have luck and get it, will ride a party at my house! LOL.

    I am already a follower of your blog (Conchi) and hopefully arrive in time to participate!!

    My mail is :


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