Just got this! YBF Skincare

Hello Blogarristas! Sorry I've been out for a while, this past couple of weeks were very busy since it was my midterms at school. For those of you who are starting to view this blog, my name is Joanne & I'm a MBA student majoring in Marketing. What this means that I have to juggle time perfectly so I can do everything.

Today I am writing this quickly since just got out of a class, to tell show you what I got in the mail today!!!
These products are from YBF Skincare, anti aging line that I recently discovered. I have high hopes for this line, mainly because I suffer from very dry lips, just starting to have small lines on my eyes, huge pores, acne prone, oily/combination skin. Yep, have a bunch of problems, and I am always looking for new products to try. So I'll be reviewing these soon, so stay tuned... =)



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