Hello ladies! Today, like a true puertorican, went to buy my costume at last minute - I have an activity tomorrow and didn't have anything planned till today!- So I went on a costume hunt with one of my friends, what a day. Totally out of my comfort zone, pushy people, invading my personal space and ugly small annoying costumes all contributed to my agonizing restless body. Too small, to trampy, or too old... Nothing seemed to fit my style, body or age. Why do plus size costumes have to be so utterly BORING??? I was so upset, too much drama without anything accomplished. It was 8:37pm, stores closed at 9:00pm, and after a excruciating visit to Party City -have a very skinny friend-, I figured to go to the first store I went almost a month ago to go and buy my dress. Which pleased my style & fit???

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This cutie little number, I'm a gypsying all the way to the party!!! Although the costume is a little big on me, as Joanne Rivers with wise words said: "If it zips, it doesn't mean it fits." I prefer a little loose and comfortable dress, which is an appropriate length for my huge thighs, and that has the little details ans style I always route for. I sincere love this dress, and love Torrid, for trying to find the right fashion & style sense, with nice cuts for girls like me!!! =)

Thank GOD and Torrid for being with me in this insane every year quest for looking boo-eutifuly fabulous.



PS. Are you partying the night away? What will you wear?

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