Loving Mix & Match Trends

As I was shopping the other day I stumbled upon a few cute and trendy ideas for mixing and matching unexpected things that work together. What kind of pairings am I tallking about? I am talking about pairing tie dye with pearls, sequins with draped fabric, lace with tweed and neutrals like grey with gold. At first I was a little doubtful, believe me, but I realized how chic these matches look together! Then another issue came to mind, can us curvy girls not only pull them off but find these items in our sizes too? Well, I researched and looked and just as I was about to give up I finally found that it could be done! Still need a little help visualizing them? Not a problem! I put together the looks I found at the store and put the clothing I found for us so we can totally rock these looks.

Here they are:

Hope you experiment with some of these edgy and fun looks, which one would you wear?

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