BV's Wishlist: Innovation for the Holidays, Temptu

Ah the holidays! There's nothing more pleasing than the feeling you get when you arrive to a mall of raging American Express shopaholics. Plaza las Americas, has an event that they give 20% off american express cardholders on special days for them to go and burst the mall with madness (not one of those I'm afraid). I received a call from my Sephora store, that my precious Urban Decay Naked Palette had arrived. Couldn't wait, rushed to the store and found that Sephora was hosting event, where they were giving Temptu airbrush demonstrations to their clients.
Vice President of Temptu J.P. McCary (right) & me at Sephora Plaza las Americas
Never tried airbrush makeup before, but I was curious as how the stars felt when those fabulous hollywood makeup artists do the stars far from perfect complexions, and transform them to radiant flawless beings. Luckily for me the Vicepresident of the Temptu line, J.P. McCary, was there to give me an insiders look on what Temptu is all about and test the product out! Girls, I am the ultimate makeup tester, as for I live in the harshest, unforgiving, heat & humidity known to makeup: the Caribbean.
As J.P. was giving me the demonstration, he told me a little bit about the brand. This is a line that started as a professional line, used in hollywood films as X-Men for Mystic's body paint all the way to Shrek in Broadway. They wanted to create a way to bring airbrush to the at home user, but without the hassle of the upkeep of professional equipment. So they designed a product that works flawlessly and easier to manage and basically foolproof for you and me!
The Temptu Line
This is the most luxurious makeup experience I've ever tried so far, it looked as if I was not wearing makeup, I felt like they literally took 6 years off  my face! (why the specific 6? I felt like I was 20 again LOL) If you are like me, I girl that invests heavily on makeup looking for the fountain of youth, this will be a great add! Not giving any details on the ease of use as I will give you a personal demonstration through my Youtube Channel  & detailed review!

Hope you are enjoying the holidays, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!



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