Mini - Shopping Episode!

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     Today I had a little free time on my hands so I decided to browse clothes at Forever 21+. Saw a lot of cute things but since I am a girl on a budget, I decided to try on the cutest items I knew I would buy on the spot if they fit. So, I picked the Bow Front Denim Shorts, the Garden Variety Top and the Peacock Feather Dress.
Photo Credits: Forever 21
When I tried on the shorts I fell in love for sure, they fit perfectly and comfortably, not to mention they are cute as a button on!
Photo Credits: Forever 21
The garden top is supposed to be a tunic, but if you are shorter than 5' 9" (as am I) then it fits in length as a cute short summer dress. A warning, if you do decide to wear it as such I recommend to use a slip underneath since it is sheer enough to show your underwear a little, so to be on the safe side, use the slip.
Photo Credits: Forever 21

The peacock dress is to die for! I had to try it in 1X since the XL had run out (I fluctuate between the two sizes depending on fit and material). It fit but it looked a bit big and I know that it would have fit
perfectly in XL so I had to leave it behind :'( . I decided to wear them on an upcoming anniversary trip/ vacation so I will take pictures so you all can see how cute they look on! I promise, so look forward to that soon!


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