Bettina Nail Polish Giveaway???

I am really into Nail polishes right know, and as I was looking randomly on the internet I read on another blog through a "bettina rep" that Bettina Nailpolishes are only sold in Puerto Rico. This came to me as a shock, because I have seen those since forever, and thought they were available nationwide. So, I am planning to do a special report on them some time soon.

Since the Wales 88 Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway is almost gone, I was wondering: would you guys like a Betinna Nail-polish Giveaway? If the response is "Yes", I am going to chose 1 winner per week, for the entire month of March. I truly love these nail polishes, they are affordable, nice size, and offer an excellent range of colors. The one in the picture is "Aqua" from the Art Deco Collection. The color is perfect because... Is Pantone's color of the Year! How cool is it? Just let me know what you ladies think! =)


  1. I think it is a great idea! I'm really into Nail Polish as well right now and am having fun trying out great bold colors and am loving all the compliments I get on them. I'm curious to know more about Bettina Nail Polish as I've never heard of it before... :-/


  2. I would love a Nail Polish giveaway! I love all the colors! :) Following on Twitter @dizzylady1012

  3. yes! that color is gorgeous!
    thanks for organizing this!

  4. I love that color is the most beautiful shade of blue...looks like the carribean sea..... @nutmeg237

  5. You welcome girls, I am so excited as well!!! I love sharing all this goodies with you, and I think its great, so I will do it!!! =D And not just in March, I'll start this next Friday, and all the way through March!
    @ Shannon, don't worry, I will put up a video or blog entry in more detail of Bettina's Nail Polish for you, and you can have fun with my weird accent as well ha ha!
    @ Thanks for the follow Helen! I will be putting the Giveaway for you!
    @DG, you're welcome, this makes me as happy as you! I love hearing from you guys!
    @Nutmeg, I know! I think it was appropriate, I live in Puerto Rico, and we do have a few of those beautiful colored beaches, I wanted to share some Caribbean Love hehe (I'm such a dork! =) )!

    PS. If you win, you can ask me any color you want, my treat!

    To all of you beautiful people, thanks for your support.

    XOXO, Joanne

  6. Gah! I love Bettina nail polish but I can't get it since I left the island. Someone should start selling this stuff online!


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