Drugstore Finds: What I'm Currently Using

I don't know it it's the lights, if it's the convenience or just the excuse of all people to get some "necessary" pharmacy products, but Walgreens gets me everytime. The cosmetics aisle is the first one you encounter as you enter the store, and is one hard one to pass by! So I ran out of my Mac Makeup Remover Wipes, and when your trying not to spend a lot, you tend to deviate to the more convenient affordable brands, and for me, that's Neutrogena. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Toulettes are the greatest drugstore makeup remover wipes I've purchased of all time! I have tried the Walgreens Brand, pretty good, but not great, and the hideous Revlon Pomegrade Makeup Remover Wipes, that I can't understand why are they so small and virtually dry (returned them on the first swipe). This purple pack comes with 25 well moistened makeup wipes. The night calming formula's great because it does not let your skin dry, and has a very nice smell. Plus, it does it's job great my taking out hard to get off dark eyeshadows and waterproof makeup (I'm turning myself slowly to Makeup For Ever, but this is another story.)    
Next stop, I needed a new mascara badly, my current formula was drying up -Loreal Voluminous Mascara- and as always, I get a little tempted to use new products as only a mayor make-holic would do, & have the need to buy a new mascara that you've never tried, although you have a perfectly BV-Approved mascara that hasn't let you down, ever! Moving on, I purchased this new Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion, in very black (needed to return the first one, it was brown, not a very flattering color for me.) It is ok, is similar to their orange tube original lash blast formula, but maybe the wand is a little bigger? Can't recall, have used it, but I still love my original Loreal Voluminous Mascara. I'll still use the remainder of the product, overall, it's pretty decent. 

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