So Sweet, I'll Make Your Teeth Rot: New Bettina Candy Collection

This time it wasn't my typical stroll down Walgreens, I was a Girl on a mission, and I wasn't about to give up. Bettina is a puertorican brand of affordable beauty products, wasn't aware of this fact, but from a limited nailpolish line, they have grown to a decent complete cosmetic line just this spring. Although I have not used there others products, I have had my fair share of Bettina Nail-polish Colors. And now they have launched this new collection called "Candy" that had me all rattled. The Colors are -from left to right-  Grape, Sherbert, Green Apple, & Cotton Candy. The reason for me to go and find this collection was where all things happen, The Mac Store. They have there Viva Glam Gaga Campaign still going on and one of the Makeup Artists had this pretty baby pink on her nails that grabbed my attention. I had almost to force her (she was so nice hehe, but adds to the drama) to tell me where did she got that pretty color from. I thought is what from Essie, but never in my wildest dreams thought it was from Bettina. So she told me she had it at Walgreens, that was a new collection and was called Cotton Candy. And so it began... 
The collection had a couple more colors, but these were my standouts. They apply smooth and have an impressive color payoff, the least color payoff is offcourse Cotton Candy, but it is expected with such soft colors, and got its color right on with just two coats. Grape, Sherbet & Green Apple are well pigmented and applied well with just one coat. All of them have a great consistency for application.    
This is Green Apple, reminds me of the Shrek Collection by OPI, although I didn't actually own that particular product, it's very difficult to find new OPI collections here in Puerto Rico, although we do have Sephora by OPI. Back to business, this color is truly beautiful, it's fun and I can say its more of a paste than a neon color, I think its like a balance between the two. Doesn't overpower the nails, which is great.
I most say, that this is my favorite color, and I am impressed because I'm a pinky girl, but this coral is so unbelievably pretty! It would look gorgeous with a turquoise accessories or clothes. Sherbet is happiness in a bottle.  
Next one is Grape, and this was just a fun color I grabbed just to push my boundaries away. It is a bluish pastel purple, this one can't stay with us all the way to the winter.
And last but not least, my beautiful Cotton Candy, this color will stay with me all year long, gets me back to my first ballet slippers. Just gracious...

BV's Approved Colors: Sherbet & Cotton Candy

Until Next Time...

I know the Betinna Brand isn't available in the US, but I will be gladly purchase the colors for you for a small fee. 


  1. I love the coral one. I just got a cotton candy one from Avon and it is super cute for summer!

  2. yay what part of puerto rico do you live? Bettina is my fave brand and i ve got alot of the candy collection too.

  3. okay, i totally need bettina! how much are you charging? i just left san juan and i didnt realize it was only in pr and i only bought 3 :( but i need more :)

  4. Hey Cassy!

    I will gladly buy for you the colors you want. What I do is, I buy them, calculate shipping (I use USPS, cheaper) and charge you $5.00 for the trip & paypal charges. No profit for me, I just want my readers to get to enjoy the same things I do. The Bettina Nailpolishes range from $1.97-$2.69 + 7% tax. I'll try to look for you the best prices, I can make you a "buy" button on the BV Shop link with your custom order & you can pay it through Paypal, which is safe for you and me.

    Hope you have a lovely day!



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