Random Blog Update

Hey gals, almost too long without blogging. Not because I forgot, I always have BV in my heart and soul. New and exciting things are coming our way! The BV Blog has been greatly blessed and I want to thank you, because, without YOU, this wouldn't be all possible. Each and everyone of you, in whichever network you choose to,  always...
Now BV has a new and inspirational section called BV Cares, in which BV shares it's most cherished causes. You are more than welcome to spread the world and/or send us your favorite cause! It's so important to help in any way that we can, that makes us grow and keeps us grounded.


Yesterday I was scanning old pictures, this is one of them. It was in 2002, just finished high school, and had no idea what ride I was about to embark. It's not easy growing up. Many of us wished for it, but we never knew the "behind the scenes", bills, responsibilities & gaining weight lol. I was 18, now I am 26 years old. Age is just a number right? Certainly don't feel like it.

Anyways, this is my update random blog!

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