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Hi Joanne, 

I need advice.... Why is my concealer so noticeable in pictures? Sometimes my eyes look very wrinkled. I apply my face powder in that area at the end, is that the problem? Thanks. 

Your concealer should be a tone lighter than your skin, but sometimes it can be the same color (never lighter). If you want to cover dark circles or blue areas, use a matte pink or coral lipstick, as Temptu Vice President, JP McCary adviced me in his recent visit to Sephora Plaza las Américas, this trick makes it all disappear! If you don't dare to use this tip from the pros, you can still buy a corrector, like Bobbi Brown's Salmon or Bisque (created by JP himself) to make the same function.

In terms of fine lines, you should use a creamy or liquid concealer that has moisturizers, like Bobbi Brown, MAC Moisture Select, or one that has anti-aging properties. It is extremely important not to use a concealer which is dry, these make lines appear more visible & accentuated.

Before applying your concealer, hydrate the area using your favorite eye creme, this helps the concealer and corrector glide better, helps minimize lines and helps achieve a more natural application.

Apply concealer with a fluffy dome brush, like MAC #224 or blender brush (I bought a blender brush at Walmart at $2.97, too soft for blending, but works wonders for concealer!

Lastly, use a translucent powder like Benefit's Powderflage. Using your regular powder en this area will deposit too much pigment (color) and it does not flatter anyone.

If you want your complexion and eyes to pop when taking pictures, do not use concealers, use highlighters, that come in different forms, such as powder & creme. This I can discuss in a later intervention.

Hope it helps!



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